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Here’s Why Your B2B Content Strategy is Failing

Humans have developed quite sensational abilities to detect subtle emotions, facial expressions and tiny cues. Our cavemen ancestors needed to sharpen their senses to survive in the wilderness, surrounded by life-threatening enemies. We now can literally smell fear, project complex feelings with small facial twitches and spot danger within milliseconds. So, it’s safe to say…

Before You Start Posting Regularly on LinkedIn – You Must Consider Your Context

TLDR: It’s not enough to post scattered pieces of good content around. Decide on your recurring motive (whatever that is) to build your cohesive voice and personal brand. I started posting regularly on LinkedIn a few months ago around June to start building my personal brand. I suppose like many of you, I was keen…

7 Calendar Tips that Changed My Life

Not sure what Darwin would say about this but I don’t like leading my professional life (or life in general) in survival mode. That feeling of chasing your own tail, not having time to breath, plan and strategise just makes me severely unhappy and unsatisfied. Blame my half Millennial- half Gen Z self, but I’m…

3 Phrases to Instantly Reengage your Audience

You feel your audience is zoning out on Zoom. Stop right there! Don’t go on long monologues and try to buy your way back in with even more talk. Instead use one of these three phrases to bring them back to the table and reengage.

How to Prepare Impressive Questions for Job Interviews

Have a job interview coming up? One of the most important elements for you acing it will be the quality of the questions you prepare for your interviewer. Watch this video to learn how to prepare questions that impress and boost your candidacy.

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