If I had to choose the single best presentation tip ever…it would be…

Record yourself. Seriously. 📹

Recording is the evolution of talking to yourself in the mirror.

Seriously. If I had to choose one hack that would have the most significant long-term impact on your success it would be that.

There are both short term and long term benefits, all of them very much accessible. ⚡️

Before an upcoming presentation if you record yourself and force yourself to watch (yeah it’s not going to be super pleasant until you get used to it) you’ll immediately notice what can be improved in your speech, pace, tone, gestures, facial expressions, time management and well- everything. You will especially notice any weird movements or talking habits you weren’t even aware of, here are a few common ones:

  • Saying ughh, uhh, hmmm too much
  • Saying “you know” every 3rd sentences
  • Having a really stern face while talking
  • Moving your hands too much
  • Not moving your hands enough

Well, you got the point. This is such an accessible tool, just use your phone or laptop to record yourself and start auto-coaching. You have enough knowledge and understanding of what is good in order to provide yourself with helpful critique. 

Long-term, recording yourself is a tool that superstar talkers use on a regular basis to incorporate what they learn. It’s one thing for you to read this post but it’s another thing to actually translate information into execution.✅

Again- it’s going to be awkward the first few times as most of us hate watching ourselves (I still can’t bring myself to watch some of my old talks to be frank) but it’s worth the embarrassment. I mean, who else is watching? It’s just you 🤷🏻‍♀️


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