Love your product, but don’t overdo it

Love the product you’re selling. Don’t be blindly in love with it.

The over-excited voice when presenting your product doesn’t cut it anymore, leave it in 1996.

Love your product, understand its ups and downs and communicate authentically, like you would with a friend. There is nothing more alluring and trust-building than coming upfront about a worry you may actually have (oh and don’t we have them).

“Sir, I must confess I’m a bit worried you’re looking for a do-all solution while we focus on a few key areas that we excel in…”

And then silence.

Let the other party voice their thoughts. They didn’t expect this reaction from you, they are caught off-guard, in a positive way.

You’d be surprised how much your potential partners will appreciate your honesty and a genuine debate will open up right then, instead of after your call, without you.


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