The power of intentional pauses

A powerful speech tool that almost no one in the West uses is silence.

Expertise to us means filling void with more speech, more information, more “I know’s”.

However, we’re terribly missing out on the subtle power of intentional pauses.

The Japanese, for whom silence is deeply engrained in culture, call this term – Chinmoku.

They believe silence can reveal as much as speech and reinforce the truthfulness of the speaker.

How powerful would it be if we make a point and then go totally silent?

We don’t justify our claim upfront, we don’t add anything- it is what it is. A truth.

Psychologically, the level of confidence we project, and our counterparts unconsciously absorb, jumps tenfold.

Consider using intentional pauses when conveying important messages to leverage this effect. Really, say nothing at all and let the other party show signs of reaction.

You will notice they may feel rather out of their comfort zone, even sweat it a little bit, but to defuse that- they will speak up, and voice their thoughts more openly, unfiltered.

Silence can be much louder than speech. ✨


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