Don’t ignore the elephant in the room

You have a presentation, a meeting, or a call.

You’re giving it your best: high energy, data-backed talking points, cool example stories to illustrate. By now you are usually able to break the ice.

But, ugh, you’re just not feeling it this time. They seem off, disengaged.🤷🏼‍♂️

It’s -26c in the room, ouch. 🥶

You could go on like this and keep out-trying yourself, that’s what most people do.

But there is a better tactic when you hit this roadblock.

See, it takes two to salsa and right now you’re breakdancing alone to a soundless tune.💃🏻

Stop ignoring the weird vibes and acknowledge the elephant in the room.

“Jack, I feel like I may be touching on points that aren’t so relevant to you or not what you expected…? Or is it just me sorry?”

“Diane, I feel as though it may be less interesting for you to discuss this topic and something is a bit off? Or am I totally misinterpreting this?”

“Laura, I feel like I’ve been going on a tangent that may be less applicable to what you had in mind? Is that right or am I imagining things? Just checking in with you.”

Jack, Laura and Diane will come back to the dance floor, more open and appreciative of your check-in. 💃🏻🕺🏽👯‍♂️

a elephant calm in a room. photo combinated concept


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