The Most Engaging Word to Anyone

There is one word that is the most engaging to anyone, worldwide.

Use this word and your counterpart’s head will immediately rise up, like an instinct.

It’s a universal word that can be applied in any meeting, call, negotiation, discussion.

That is…a name.

Voicing your counterpart’s name immediately grabs their attention since it’s engrained in us from such a young age.

Not only it increases attention and engagement instantaneously, it also boosts rapport building, it’s more intimate. There is sentiment projected into the room when we hear our name from the mouth of someone else, we feel closer, noticed. From a listener we become a participant.

Start voicing your counterpart’s name more often in a conversation, you won’t believe how much this simple tactic will enhance the energy level. It may seem awkward at first but I promise it will somehow feel more natural down the line, making every spoken sentence more personal, directed to that specific person.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Juliet knows that the blood feud prevents her from loving a Montague. She ponders it. It’s only your name that’s the enemy. – Romeo & Juliet


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